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An area rich in history, nature and community, as well as being a well preserved example of 1960’s/70’s urban design and planning


For over 100 years Brentford Dock was an important part of the transport infrastructure, having been created as a trans-shipment point linking the Great Western Railway and the canal system with the Port of London. Goods from all over the world arrived on barges from the Pool of London via the railway and canals – they were then loaded onto barges and shipped to the Port of London and from there sent all over the world.

In 1964, Brentford Dock was closed as a shipping point and the site disposed of by the British Railways Board to the Greater London Council. Plans were drawn up by Sir Roger Waters in 1968 for what we now know as Brentford Dock.

The Dock was built between 1972 and 1978 for the Greater London Council (GLC) and was originally intended to be used as social housing. However, only 90 of the first-built flats were let and as the rest of the 500 flats were built they were offered for private sale on 98 year leases from the GLC.

Company Composition

The original leases were granted by the GLC to i) Estmanco (Brentford Dock) Limited and ii) the original purchaser of the flat. Estmanco (Brentford Dock) Limited was incorporated in 1978 – at the same time as the flats were completed – to provide management of the Estate (i.e. a ‘Residential Management Company’ or RMC).

The GLC (and subsequently the London Residual Body) continued as Freeholder and Head Lessor until the freehold was purchased by Estmanco (Brentford Dock) Limited in 1991. The Company then changed its name to Brentford Dock Limited in 1999.

Brentford Dock Limited (BDL) acts as Freeholder, Lessor and RMC. Owners of the 592 units on the Estate each hold 1 share in BDL as well as the leasehold interest on their individual property.


Brentford Dock Limited is governed by a Board of Directors, all of whom own a property on the Estate. Directors are selected by means of elections open only to other owners of properties on the Estate. In this way Brentford Dock Limited is able to operate ‘for the Residents, by the Residents.’

Brentford Dock Limited employs managing agents, who are currently Michael Richards & Co, to deliver services on the Estate. They oversee the operations of the other Service Providers – cleaning, security, grounds maintenance etc., on behalf of BDL.

BDL is also the parent company of Brentford Dock Enterprises Limited (BDEL), which undertakes the Dock’s ‘commercial’ activities. This is because BDL’s sole source of income is service charges from the leasehold properties which cannot be used to fund commercial activities. One of BDEL’s main activities is the operation of the Marina which sits at the heart of the Estate. All profits from BDEL are used to carry out improvements to the Estate and sports facilities for the Dock’s residents, such as outside table tennis tables, chess, etc.

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